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An Overview of Radio Control Monster Trucks

Large amounts of ground clearance, lots of power, and big suspension travel are some of the characteristics of these off-road eating machines.  These really are like scaled down versions of a full size monster truck used in those car crushing stadium shows.  The difference is that these scale models can perform in ways that a full size truck could never do.  A full size truck must be designed and operated in such a way that a human driver can survive!  Radio control models do not have this limitation.  Scale model speed, power, acceleration, and jumping ability on some of these RC monster trucks is amazing.  If these extreme performance abilities were scaled up to full size monster trucks with a driver, then it would be a really WILD ride!  How many people have driven in a full size truck that can accelerate at a neck snapping rate, pull wheelies on command at virtually any speed, jump mind boggling distances, regularly experience horrific crashes, and keep on coming back for more and more and more!  In real life, most full size trucks would be destroyed and their drivers killed.  About the only full size vehicles that can even come close to the performance of RC monster trucks are full-scale monster trucks.  The big difference is that these full size monsters are relatively slow.  They are geared down for low speed, car crushing power, and they do not have the ability to drive at such high speeds as their scale model counterparts.  In addition, they also can not accelerate as quickly as the typical RC monster truck.

Traxxas Revo Radio Control Monster Truck

A typical RC monster truck can climb steep hills, run over rough terrain, get serious air off big jumps, and still rocket to top speeds of 30 - 50 mph.  That's FAST!  To give you an idea of how fast that really is... many of these trucks come in 1/8th scale.  If your 1/8th scale truck goes 40 mph, then that would be like a full size 1:1 scale monster truck running 300+ MPH.  It would be a WILD RIDE!  One of the early radio control monster trucks was the 1/12th scale Marui Big Bear kit.  It was electric powered and performance would have been very modest compared to a modern day model.  You can see a picture of this vintage monster kit below... 

Vintage R/C Monster Trucks - Marui Big Bear

Many modern rc monster trucks have advanced features like: 2 speed automatic transmissions (some even 3 speed), transmitter controlled reverse, disc brakes, 4 wheel drive, long travel suspension, 8 hydraulic shocks, and extremely powerful nitro engines (or electric motors).  Nitro engines add the excitement of a real internal combustion engine with all the sights and sounds associated with it.  These days, electric power doesn't have to mean less fun.  With powerful brushless motors and advanced battery technology, these newer electric RC monster trucks can rival the performance of a nitro powered model with wheelie popping acceleration and insane top speeds.  The amazing suspensions on some of these models allows them to soak up rough terrain.  Check out the picture below to see an example of what these incredible suspensions can do!

HPI Savage RC Monster Truck

As mentioned earlier, a strength of many R/C monster trucks is their amazing ability to jump!  Jumping can be very exciting.  People launch them off dirt jumps or even rig up their own ramps with wooden boards.  Let's just say that some of these trucks fly in the air about as good as they drive on the ground!  It's amazing to see them flying through the air, landing, and then throwing up a rooster tail of dirt as they scream to speeds of nearly 40 mph!  It's not uncommon for one of these to have enough power to pull wheelies.  This is especially true if they have been upgraded with a more powerful engine.  Some of these trucks come from the factory with powerful engines or brushless electric motors that can yank the front wheels off the ground.  Imagine driving in a full size truck that could pull wheelies, soar through the air off big jumps, and rocket to over 300 mph!  To get a little idea of what it would be like driving one of these RC monster trucks, climb aboard and watch this video taken from an rc truck mounted camera.