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Remote Control Snowmobile - Fun in the Snow!

For hobbyists that live in areas that can get a lot of snow, winter is often a time to put the RC vehicles back on the shelf and hope for an early Spring.  Most RC cars and trucks were just not designed to handle winter driving conditions.  Water and slush can cause trouble with radio electronics, and traction can also be a problem with slick winter conditions.  Not so with a radio control snowmobile.  It was made to thrive in the snow, and when the snow flies, it's time to take these RC snowmobiles off the shelf and get them ready for action!

Polaris Fusion Remote Control Snowmobile

There are a few different electric RC snowmobiles available.  Some of these RC sleds are Polaris and Ski-Doo scale models like the Fusion 900 shown in the picture above.  Some of these electric models have good detail and are realistic looking.  They might come with a 7.2V or 9.6V battery pack.  Performance will be relatively mild with many of these electric versions, and therefore they are more appropriate for younger modelers.  For those wanting more speed and excitement, there are also gas (nitro) powered versions.   

Radio Control Snowmobile

Above is a small picture of the Nitro Elements ArtAttack nitro RC snowmobile with translucent red hood. These RC snowmobiles were offered in both electric and nitro powered versions.  These machines offered higher performance and better matched for more mature modelers who were capable of handling the extra power and speed.  In addition, these came in kit form and required assembly.  Designed for a standard .21 big block nitro engine, these ArtAttack sleds could also accept some of the "bored out" .25, .26, and bigger oversized nitro big block engines.  This would make for a very powerful and fast machine.  The noise and smoke of a nitro engine also help give it a more realistic feel like the full size 2 stroke sleds it was modeled after.  The ArtAttack is a 1/4 scale model which is approximately 2 feet long and 1 foot wide.  Below are 4 pictures showing the layout of this fun nitro remote control snowmobile.           

RC Snowmobile Construction

Unfortunately, the ArtAttack snowmobiles are no longer being produced; however, you can sometimes find one while searching online.  A good place to check for these sort of discontinued items is on eBay.  You might be able to find a used one in good shape or even one that is new, old stock.  The toy grade RC snowmobiles are still available, and you can find them at your local hobby shop, toy store, or places like Radio Shack during the winter months.  There is a group of people that have taken the New Bright brand of toy RC snowmobiles and modified them for increased performance and reliability.  Some people have even installed a nitro engine in these models.  If you are good at tinkering and enjoy modifying things, then you might enjoy transforming one of these low cost models into something better.  

So, winter doesn't have to mean that you need to put all of your models on the shelf.  If you have one of these RC snowmobiles, then you can be ready to go when the flurries fly.  This can help the RC enthusiast make it through those long winter days with something to look forward to.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!