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The Remington 1911 is a New Version of the Legendary 1911

The M1911 pistol is one of the best known pistols in the world, and the 1911 has had a remarkable history.  Designed by the legendary gun genius John Browning, the 1911 was designed for use in the military.  It was determined that the available pistols of the time were inadequate, and so the military went on a search for a better sidearm.  In 1910, as the gun was undergoing testing by the US military, it was subjected to some severe torture tests.  In one reported test, a single 1911 pistol fired 6,000 rounds with NO recorded malfunctions.  A real testimony to the outstanding gun that John Browning designed!  The rest is history.  The designation "M1911" came about because the US Army was the first to adopt the pistol for military service on March 29, 1911.  The .45 caliber M1911 pistol was used extensively by the US military from 1911 - 1985.  In fact, some groups within the military still use it.  There have been numerous versions of the famous 1911 pistol produced over the years.  Many different manufacturers have released their own version of this popular handgun.  In 2010, Remington entered the marketplace with their own Remington 1911 R1 pistol.  In 2011, Remington came out with some additional models (Enhanced & Centennial) to fit the interests of other 1911 gun enthusiasts.

Remington 1911 Handgun - Standard

Remington 1911 R1 - Order # 96323 - MSRP $719.00

Stainless 5" Barrel

1 in 16 LH Rifling Twist

Overall Length:  8.5"

Overall Height:  5.5"

Weight:  38.5 oz

Trigger Pull:  3.5 - 5 lbs

Finish:  Satin Black Oxide

Grips:  Double Diamond Walnut

Flared and Lowered Ejection Port

3 Dot Dovetail Front/Rear Sights

Includes (2) 7 Round Magazines

The picture below shows the newer Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced pistol.  Listed below are the different features offered on the Enhanced version, many of which are cosmetic details along with some upgraded functional features.

Remington 1911 Handgun - Enhanced

Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced - Order # 96328 - MSRP $940.00

Adjustable Rear Sight & Fiber Optic Front Sight

Front & Rear Slide Serrations

Beavertail Grip Safety

Enhanced Hammer

Anodized Aluminum Match Trigger

Enhanced Wide Thumb Safety

Flat Checkered Mainspring Housing

Match Grade Barrel and Bushing

Front Grip Serrations

Custom Wood Laminate Grips

Includes (2) 8 Round Magazines

Weight: 39.5 oz

The Remington 1911 pistol is also available in the Centennial version as seen below along with the different features listed.

Remington 1911 - Centennial

Remington 1911 R1 Centennial - Order # 96340 - MSRP $1250.00

Special Centennial Engraving on Slide

Dovetailed Brass Bead Front Sight

Custom Rosewood Laminate Grips

For the gun collector, Remington also has a special limited edition Centennial.  The different features are listed below for this expensive limited edition Remington 1911 pistol.

Remington 1911 - Centennial Limited Edition

Remington 1911 R1 Centennial Limited Edition - Order # 96341 - MSRP $2250.00

Exclusive Anniversary Engraving with 24kt Gold Banner on Slide

14kt Gold Bead Front Sight

Carbona Blue Finish

Exhibition Grade Smooth Walnut Grips

Custom Walnut Presentation Case

So, whether you are looking for a quality rendition of the famous 1911 pistol like the standard R1 version, or the additional features of the Enhanced model, or the collector's versions like the Centennial or Centennial Limited Edition... there might be a Remington 1911 pistol that fits your criteria.