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Why People are Still Searching for a Remington 721 270 For Sale

Remington rifles are made by the oldest gun manufacturer in the United States.  The story goes that in 1816 Eliphalet Remington II entered a shooting match with a custom made flintlock muzzle loading rifle.  Eliphalet forged a barrel which he then took to a gunsmith in Utica, NY where the barrel was reamed and rifled.  This was then used to build the flintlock rifle that Eliphalet Remington took to the shooting contest.  Apparently, after the competition, other contestants were so impressed with the gun that they wanted to get one of the rifles too.  And so began the longstanding history of the Remington company, and the beginning of a long line of popular Remington rifles.  One such rifle is the popular Remington Model 721.  With all the modern rifles available, why would someone be looking to buy a rifle that is over 50-60 years old?  Well, a couple reasons include the legendary accuracy and reliability of the 721 rifle.  In terms of caliber, many people like the .270 cartridge for hunting.  If you find a Remington 721 270 rifle for sale for a good price, then you can get a lot of gun for your money.  Even though one of these rifles can be over 50 years old, they can still be found in great condition as long as they were properly cared for by the previous owners.      

Remington 721 .270 Rifle

The Remington 721 was produced from 1948-1962.  The 721 rifle was all business.  No fancy stock checkering.  No cosmetic engraving.  Stamped steel trigger guard.  Remington was trying to keep costs down on this very functional rifle and that is what they did.  That doesn't mean that they skimped on quality though. 

Remington 721

These firearms are still known as extremely accurate and reliable rifles.  As a result, they are still used for hunting and target shooting.  The .270 caliber is popular as well as the venerable .30-06.  If you can find a Remington 721 270 for sale in good condition and at a good price, then you should be pleasantly surprised at how accurate these rifles can be.  If you are unable to find a good used Remington 721 for sale, the you might consider going with it's successor, the Remington 700 rifle.  For 40 years, the Remington 700 BDL has been another very popular choice of hunters and gun enthusiasts.  The beautiful Walnut stock, attractive checkering, and quality blued finish on the steel parts make this 700 BDL a fine looking rifle.

Remington 700    

Remington 700 BDL

The Remington 700 is well known for its accuracy, durability, and quality.  For strength and consistency, the receiver is machined out of a solid chunk of steel.  The receiver is cylindrically shaped which gives it a solid bedding in the stock for better shot consistency and accuracy.  A recessed bolt face mates with a counterbore at the entrance of the barrel.  In addition, this portion of the barrel is supported by the steel receiver that surrounds it.  What this all means is that the Remington 700 is built very strong.  This strength not only means that the 700 is very durable, but it is also part of the reason for the outstanding accuracy of this rifle.  With everything locked together so solidly, the Remington 700 can be more consistent in how the bullet exits the barrel from shot to shot.

Remington 700 Varmint rifle 

Remington 700 VL SS Varmint

If you are not interested in the style of the 700 BDL, then don't worry.  There are a LOT of other versions of the 700 to choose from!  At the time of this writing, there were 34 different versions of the 700 that Remington listed!  Everything from a multitude of different synthetic stock camo versions, to a variety of wood stock rifles with different styled wood stocks.  There are also tactical, varmint, and target shooting versions.  The Remington 700 rifle is available in a wide variety of popular calibers.  If you are interested in something more economical than a 700, Remington also offers the 770 which comes available in 2 different versions.  Both versions come with a pre-mounted and bore sighted scope making this an especially good value.  The first version of the 770 rifle has a plain black synthetic stock and blued barrel and has an MSRP of only $373.  The other version of the Remington 770 comes with a camo stock and stainless steel receiver and barrel for only $455 suggested retail price.  The 770 is not the only other bolt action rifle that Remington offers.  A newer model 783 has been developed that offers the hunter another economical choice.  The Remington 783 was not only built to be a good value, but it was also developed to be an accurate and reliable firearm. 

Remington 783    

A rigid receiver and a heavy barrel (either 22" or 24" long) are designed for increased accuracy.  Precision 6 groove button rifling in the barrel further enhances the accuracy.  An adjustable trigger on the 783 can be changed in the range of about 2 - 5 lbs trigger pull and comes set from the factory at a nice 3.5 lbs.  The bolt has a 90 degree action and comes with dual locking lugs.  The 783 comes with a synthetic stock and has a very reasonable MSRP of only $451.  Expect street price to be closer to $400 making this another great value from Remington.  There are so many great choices of these Remington rifles, that there should be something that appeals to just about anyone which is looking for a great bolt action rifle.