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Remington Premier 12 Gauge Hulls are Popular for Reloading

If you ask an experienced shotgun reloader which is the best hull to use for reloading, it's very likely that they'll tell you about Remington Premier STS or Winchester AA shotgun shells.  Perhaps the most popular, these once fired hulls are sought after by many sportsmen that like to reload their own 12ga shotgun ammunition.  You can sometimes find these used hulls at retailers like Cabelas, Midway, and a variety of other smaller businesses online.  You can also go to your local gun club and see if you can collect the empty shells left behind by others.  Not everyone has an interest in reloading their own ammunition, so it's possible to gather up what others leave behind.  One man's throwaways can be another man's treasure!

Remington Premier 12 Gauge Hulls

These Remington Premier once-fired hulls - 12 gauge are popular with reloaders because they are known for their reliable and consistent reloading capabilities.  It's not unheard of to get 10+ reloads out of one of these shotgun hulls.  The case design and good quality plastic means that these shells can hold up to multiple uses while still providing strong crimps that help ensure the good chamber pressures necessary for maximum ballistic performance.  The Winchester AA hulls are also popular with some shotgun reloaders.  Some prefer the older style, while others like the newer style AA case.  Others complain that the newer Winchester AA hulls require too much fiddling and adjustment on their reloading equipment to get good results.  Many agree that the Remington hulls are more tolerant and easier to set up and run on typical reloading equipment.  As a result, the Remington Premier once fired hulls 12 gauge shells are in high demand with those that reload their own shotgun shells.

If you are looking for a shotgun hulls for reloading, then you either already have a reloading set up or you are looking for one.  In that respect, you may be interested to know that Mec makes some of the most popular reloading equipment in the world.  To give you an idea about how popular they are, since 1956, Mayville Engineering Company (MEC) has produced more than 2 MILLION reloading machines.  That's a lot of reloading equipment!  The most popular reloading machine that they make is the Mec 600 Jr.  In fact, the Mec 600 Jr is the most popular and best selling reloading machine in the world.

MEC Reloading Press

The most recent version of this reloading machine is called the Mec 600 Jr. Mark 5.  This latest version incorporates some additional features that reloaders like.  The price of this reloading press is very reasonable.  In addition, at a later time you can upgrade this machine with other options such as a primer tray that automatically feeds the primers into the press.  Mec also makes a variety of other machines including progressive models that create a reloaded shell with every stroke of the handle.  The 600 Jr is not a progressive machine, but it can still produce up to 4 - 6 boxes of loaded shotshells in an hour. 

Back to the topic of empty hulls for reloading, if you can get the Remington Premier once fired hulls then that can be an economical way to go.  If you can find the empty hulls to buy, then another option is to just purchase new ammunition, and once you shoot it out you will have a supply of empty shells to reload.  If you can't find the Remington Premier shotshells, then the Winchester AA can be a decent choice, or even the Peters hulls can work fine.  As far as color goes, the Remington Premier hulls will be green, the Winchester AA red, and the Peters hulls blue.