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The Circuit Judge by Rossi is a Unique Revolver Rifle

If you are familiar with guns, you will probably notice the Rossi Circuit Judge rifles shares some similarities with the popular Taurus Judge handguns.  There's a reason for these similarities.  The Rossi gun company is now owned by Taurus, and while the Rossi factory is still somewhat independent from the Taurus factories, there is a sharing of technology and designs between the 2 Brazilian companies.  Both brands of firearms are brought into the US through the same import company which is also owned by Taurus.  In other words, Rossi and Taurus guns share a lot of things in common, including the same great Lifetime Warranty and features such as the Taurus security system where the firearm can be made inoperable with the turn of a hex key.  If you look closely at the Circuit Judge by Rossi, you will notice that the shape of the rear stock resembles a pistol shaped grip where the stock joins the frame.  This is not surprising since as was mentioned earlier, the Rossi Circuit Judge design is based upon the Taurus Judge revolver.  There are several different models of the Circuit Judge including versions chambered for: .410 shotshell/.45 Colt combo, a .410 only model, 28 GA shotshell, 44 Magnum, and a .22LR/.22MAG convertible rifle.  In the case of this .22 combination rifle, a separate cylinder is provided to shoot the .22 Magnum round through the gun.            

Circuit Judge .45LC .410

The .410/.45LC version of the Circuit Judge does not require a convertible cylinder system, since both rounds will fit in the same cylinder.  In the case of the 22LR/22MAG rifle, a separate cylinder is required because the 22 Magnum case has a slightly larger outside diameter which will not fit in a chamber or cylinder machined for a 22LR cartridge.  On the Circuit Judges that fire the .410 round, both 3" Magnum shotshells as well as standard 2.5" shells can be used.  On models that only shoot shotgun shells, the barrel has a smooth bore.  On the combination models which shoot both .410 and .45 Colt, the gun comes with a rifled barrel.  A variety of different .410 shotshells give the Circuit Judge owner a good selection of bird shot, buckshot, slug, and specialty self defense loads.  The Rossi Circuit Judge models that shoot shotgun shells, come with a 5 shot cylinder.  The 44 Magnum version comes with a 6 shot cylinder.  The 22LR/22MAG rifle comes with a 9 shot cylinder.  If you are familiar with the Taurus Tracker Model 992 revolver, you will notice the same convertible 22LR/22MAG cylinder system is used on this rifle.

Circuit Judge 22LR 22MAG

Regardless of which model of Rossi Circuit Judge you choose, they all share some common features.  All versions come with a red fiber optic front sight for easier target acquisition, except the 28 gauge model which has a traditional shotgun bead front sight.  Another feature shared by these firearms is the Taurus yoke detent that helps ensure the cylinder is locked securely in place while firing.  In addition, each of these guns is equipped with a transfer bar safety system that helps prevent the hammer from accidentally striking the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.  This helps to eliminate accidental discharge in the event the gun is dropped.  These rifles also have a gas shield to protect the shooters hand and arm from any hot gases that exit through the cylinder-to-barrel gap.  All models can be fired in either Single Action or Double Action mode.  Barrel length on all the Circuit Judge rifles is 18.5 inches.  Depending on the specific model you choose, weights will vary from 75 - 90 ounces which puts these rifles in the 4.7 - 5.6 lbs range.  People that have fired the Rossi Circuit Judge have been pleasantly surprised at how accurate this rifle can be.  The innovative hybrid revolver and rifle design makes the Circuit Judge by Rossi a unique firearm that can be well suited to: recreational plinking, hunting, target shooting, varmint control, and self defense.