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The Ruger SR22 Handgun Shoots Economical 22LR Ammo

Long known for their high quality 22 pistols, Ruger has released the SR22 semi-automatic handgun as an addition to their popular Mark series of semi-auto 22 pistols.  Back in 1949, Ruger released the Standard pistol which would later take on the "Mark" name.  There has been a Mark I, II, & most recently the Mark III.  The Ruger SR22 pistol does not replace the popular Mark series pistols, but rather it offers shooters another fun Ruger pistol for plinking, target shooting, short range pest control, or even a self defense pistol for someone that is incapable of shooting a larger caliber gun.  Most people would not recommend a .22 as a defense gun, but for someone that would not be able to shoot a heavier recoil handgun, then a .22 would definitely be better than nothing.  The Ruger SR22 handgun is constructed with a polymer frame, an aluminum slide, and a stainless steel barrel.  These lightweight materials help to bring the weight of the SR22 down to a little over 1 pound (17.5 oz to be exact).  

Ruger SR22 Pistol

If you are a gun enthusiast, you may have noticed an increased popular in 22 firearms, and it seems that most manufacturers are coming out with new guns chambered in the popular 22LR.  There are conversion kits for larger caliber pistols that allow you to shoot 22LR ammo.  Why such an interest in this humble, little round?  COST!  If you enjoy shooting, then you've probably noticed the ever increasing price of ammunition.  If a person shoots a lot, then it is not uncommon for ammunition expenses to quickly exceed the purchase price of the gun itself.  As a result of the high price of ammunition, more and more people are coming back to the trusty 22LR round.  Guns that shoot 22LR are becoming more popular, because they offer the opportunity to have fun and also to train using inexpensive ammunition.  At the time this is being written, the author of this article has purchase bulk pack 22LR ammo for as little as 2.9 cents per round.  It's hard to beat that!  Cost is not the only reason that the 22LR still have a popular following.  Ammunition technology has really improved and there are some great high performance 22 rounds available.  CCI makes a couple of these high performance .22 rounds.  One of them is the CCI Stinger which has been around quite a long time.  Introduced in 1976, the CCI Stinger is still popular today with its 32 grain hollow bullet exiting a rifle barrel at velocities of up to 1640 fps.  The energy at the muzzle for the Stinger is rated by CCI as 191 ft-lbs.  This is a lot of energy for a .22 round.  Another popular high velocity 22 round is the CCI Velocitor which launches a 40 grain hollow point bullet at velocities of up to 1435 fps and has a muzzle energy of up to 183 ft-lbs out of a rifle barrel.  Some people also like the Aguila Interceptor which is rated at 1470 fps.  The Interceptor's solid point 40 grain bullet is rated at 191 ft-lbs at the muzzle in a rifle barrel.  In terms of how it compares to the Velocitor, the Interceptors are typically a little less expensive.  In addition, some people who have chronographed both rounds say that the Aguila measures very close to the rated 1470 fps, while the Velocitor sometimes chronos a little less than the 1435 fps spec.  Even so, many people still prefer the Velocitor because some find that they burn a little cleaner than the Aguila, and CCI has a well known reputation of producing extremely reliable ammunition.  The round nose of the Interceptor is more likely to penetrate and shoot through a varmint, while the Velocitor or Stinger will expand with their hollow point bullets.  The Velocitor is also known to be very accurate for a high velocity round.  It should be noted, that the specs given above are for a rifle length barrel.  Out of a shorter handgun barrel, these ballistic specs will end up being less, but these are still some of the hottest rounds that you will find as far as 22's go. 

SR22 Exploded Diagram 

The Ruger SR22 pistol is a Single Action/Double Action (SA/DA) design.  A 3 dot sight has a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight which can be fine tuned in both windage and elevation.  A Picatinny rail at the underside of the front of the frame can be used to mount a tactical light or a laser.  The ambidextrous thumb actuated safety and de-cocker lever, and the ambidextrous mag release button means that this gun will be at home with those who shoot with their left or right hand.  Take down is easy and can be done quickly with no tools.  A single lever is actuated by hand to allow the slide to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.  When you remove the slide, you will see that the replaceable stainless steel barrel is fixed and held in place with a screw.  The SR22 handgun comes with a soft case, two 10 round mags, two interchangeable rubber grip sleeves, and 2 magazine floor plates with finger extensions.  For those wanting a holster, Ruger lists the BLACKHAWK SIZE 11 NYLON PADDLE as being compatible with the SR22.  In addition, the following Uncle Mike's holsters are also listed: SIZE 16 HORIZONTAL, SK 12 HIP, PADDLE 1, SBS 16.  In conclusion, the Ruger SR22 pistol is another great firearm from Sturm, Ruger and Company.  Below you will find a summary of the specs on the SR22.

Specifications of Ruger SR22 Handgun



ACTION: Single and Double Action

BARREL LENGTH:  3.50 inches

LENGTH:  6.40 inches

HEIGHT:  4.90 inches

WIDTH:  1.29 inches

WEIGHT:  17.5 ounces

RIFLING:  6 grooves @ 1:16" RH

MSRP:  $399.00