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Savage Has a Long History of Innovation & Value

As is true with many gun companies, there is often an interesting story to be found beneath the surface as you probe some of the company's history.  This is especially true of the Savage firearms company.  Savage Arms was started by Arthur Savage in Utica, New York in 1894.  Arthur himself had an interesting life.  Born a Jamaican and schooled in both the US and England, Arthur led a colorful life.  While exploring in Australia, he was held captive by a group of natives for a year.  Arthur owned the largest cattle ranch in Australia for a while.  He was also in charge of a railroad company for a while in New York.  He even helped invent a torpedo!  As was already stated, Arthur led an unusual and interesting life.  Where Arthur moved into the firearms industry was when he invented the first hammerless lever action rifle with a rotary magazine within the receiver.  A factory was set up in Utica, NY.  The rifle would become known as the Model 99.  This innovative design displayed a counter to show how many rounds were left in the magazine.  In 1919, an Indian chief sought to purchase a number of lever action rifles from Savage.  Arthur and the chief made a deal and the Indian tribe received guns for a discount in exchange for endorsing the Savage firearms company.  This is when Savage started using the Indian chief's logo for their company.

Savage Model 99 Rifle 

Savage Model 99 Lever Action Rifle

During WWI, through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Savage became the largest gun manufacturer in the United States and one of the biggest in the world.  During WWII, Savage cooperated to produce millions of weapons for the war effort.  The 1960's-1980's were a more difficult time for Savage.  After being owned and sold by various corporations, the company finally underwent bankruptcy reorganization.  By 1990, the Savage firearms company was doing better and it began to refocus on producing quality firearms for a reasonable price.  By 1995, Savage was purchased and made a privately owned company again.  Savage continues the tradition of trying to offer gun enthusiasts a quality gun with innovative features all for a reasonable price.  In more recent times, Savage has developed an innovative trigger design that allows user adjustment of trigger pull force, while still incorporating safety features to help prevent accidental firing of the gun.  Savage firearms include shotguns, rifles (both rimfire and centerfire), and muzzleloaders.  Below is a picture of the Milano shogtun that is manufactured in Italy for Savage Arms.  This attractive over/under shotgun closely resembles the famous Browning Citori over/under shotgun.  The Milano is offered in 12, 20, 28, & 410 gauges.  Savage also offers a few different shotguns marketed under the Stevens name which includes 2 different models of pump shotgun and 2 different Stevens over/under shotguns.

Savage Over/Under Shotgun

Savage Milano Shotgun

The most popular category of Savage firearms are their rifles.  Savage offers a wide variety of rifles in many different calibers.  Hunter and Varmint series of rifles provide accurate firearms at a reasonable price.  At the time this is being written, there are 15 different families/series of Savage rifles with OVER 100 different rifles to choose from.  Most of these Savage rifles are bolt action, but there are some 22 LR semi-automatic rifles as well.  There are too many different individual rifles to list here, but to give you an idea of what Savage offers, the different families of rifles will be listed here.  There's the 12 Varmint Series which includes rifles with 26" barrels and chambered in popular varmint calibers such as .223, .22-250, and .243.  Next, the 17 Series includes more than a dozen different rifles chambered in the high velocity rimfire .17 HMR.  The Axis Series includes some more economical rifles chambered in many popular calibers and built to be an excellent value in a hunting rifle.  The Law Enforcement Series is designed to offer police a quality bolt action for on-duty service.  There are too many families of Savage rifles to list a lot of specific details on each group, so some of the families will just be listed with no explanation.  There is also the Classic, Hunter, Lightweight Varminter, Magnum, Specialty, and Mark II Series.  The Package Series includes 20 different rifles that come with a scope already mounted and bore sighted from the factory.  The Semi-Automatic family includes 5 different rifles chambered for the economical 22LR.  The Single Shot models include 4 bolt action rifles which also shoot the popular 22LR round.  The Savage Rascal is perfect for the smaller youth shooter with its 11.25" length of pull and a light weight of only 2.7 lbs.  The Target Series includes rifles designed for long distance precision shooting.  These long range guns come with barrel lengths of 26 - 30 inches.  The Weather Warrior models includes 4 different rifles made with weather resistant synthetic stocks and rust resistant stainless steel actions and barrels.  Finally, Savage also sells a few different models of rifles being sold under the Stevens name.  Needless to say, there are a lot of different choices of Savage rifles!

Savage Rifle

Savage Rifle

Savage also produces muzzleloaders that offer hunters innovative designs that help make these muzzleloaders more powerful, accurate, and easier to use.  These muzzleloaders are designed to be loaded with black powder, black powder substitutes, and even modern smokeless powders.  Furthermore, these muzzleloader Savage firearms include the use of convenient 209 primers for reliable ignition, and Savage's patented adjustable trigger system.  In 2011, Savage made the decision to discontinue their line of muzzleloaders.  The news of their discontinuation spurred a large surge in orders for these guns.  Savage decided to continue producing a couple models of the 10ML muzzleloader on a limited basis in order to meet customer demand.

Savage Muzzleloader

Savage Muzzleloader

With over a century of gun producing history, Savage offers hunters and recreational shooters some high quality choices at reasonable prices.  Whether you are looking for a rifle, shotgun, or an advanced muzzleloader, Savage Firearms may have a gun that's a good match for you.  If you want to see some of what is possible with a Savage rifle, check out the video below showing an ultra long range shooting session at over 1100 yards.  You read that right!  1169 yards to be exact.  That's shooting at a distance of 2/3 miles!