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Taurus Offers Both Quality and Value

Way back in 1941, Taurus produced it's very first revolver.  Since then, times have changed and Taurus guns now consist of a large selection of handguns as well as some rifles.  Taurus guns are produced in Brazil to high ISO 9001 quality standards, and they have grown to become a major firearm manufacturer.   

Taurus Revolver

Some of the most popular Taurus guns are their revolvers.  Back in it's earlier history, Taurus and Smith & Wesson were partly owned by the same large conglomerate.  Because of this, both guns companies shared technology and firearm manufacturing expertise.  As a result, Taurus gained some additional insights in the production of firearms. 

Taurus Pistol

Taurus guns also include many other styles of pistols.  One of the popular semi-automatic pistols that Taurus offer is the PT1911 which is modeled after the legendary Colt 45 handgun design.  This 45ACP pistol offers many features out of the box at a very reasonable price.  In addition to the PT1911 pistol, Taurus offers a large variety of other semi-automatic handguns in many different calibers. 

Taurus Rifle

Taurus offers not only handguns, but they also offer a selection of rifles as well.  These include pump action, lever action, and carbines style rifles.  Many of these rifles are chambered in the popular 22LR caliber, and these rifles can provide a lot of shooting fun with inexpensive .22 ammunition.

Taurus Company History

From a humble beginning in 1941, Taurus has grown into one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world!  Some might be interested in knowing more about how the Taurus company has come to be what it is today.  Taurus' roots go back to a small tool making factory in Brazil.  In 1941, out of this tool factory came Taurus' first gun design which was a revolver known as the 38101SO.  Taurus began producing guns and it soon became a strong force in the firearms' industry in South America.  In 1970, a large conglomerate known as Bangor Punta purchased Smith & Wesson and also a controlling percentage in Taurus.  As a result of this relationship, Taurus and Smith & Wesson began trading gun manufacturing expertise between each other.  Then in 1977 another change occurred which was to change the course of Taurus.  A new owner acquired Taurus and a renewed emphasis on quality entered the company.  In 1980, Taurus bought a Brazilian gun factory from Beretta which was to also have a profound effect on Taurus guns.  In 1974, the Brazilian army had contracted with Beretta to manufacture a large number of guns for the Brazilian army.  A part of the contract required that Beretta manufacture the guns in Brazil, so Beretta built the new factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  After the contract was completed in 1980, Beretta sold the gun factory to Taurus including the gun designs, tooling, and the expert workforce.  Out of this acquisition, Taurus went on to develop the PT-92 and PT-99 9mm pistols based on the Beretta design.  Another milestone for the company came in 1982 when the Taurus USA office was opened in Miami, Florida.  It took a few years for people in the United States to become familiar with this relative newcomer to the US gun market.  This really began to change in 1984 when Taurus announced a Lifetime Gun Repair policy, which was the first in the industry.  This really got people to take notice of Taurus guns, and it wasn't long before Taurus gun sales were soaring.  In 1994, the Taurus factory received ISO9001 certification for it's quality control measures.  The history of Taurus guns continues to be written to this day.  With over 60 years of gun manufacturing experience, Taurus offers high quality guns at very good prices.  If you are in the market for a new firearm, then you might want to consider checking out some of the many models of Taurus guns that are available.