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Summary of Taurus Millennium Pro Reviews

Many people are interested in a Taurus Millennium Pro review, because these compact handguns are available as another reasonably priced concealed carry option.  In addition, Taurus is well known for offering a lot of gun for the money.  As a result, it is no surprise that the Millennium Pro line of pistols is of great interest to those shopping for a concealed carry gun.  Naturally, when people are shopping around and deciding where to spend their hard earned money, the question that presents itself is: "Is the Millennium Pro a good gun?"   The best way to answer this question is to try to find information from end users that have owned and have real hands on experience with these guns.  So, you need to find a Taurus Millennium Pro review.  One review is helpful, but the more reviews the better.  That way you can tap into the experience of many different people and make a better gun buying decision.  To save you the time of surfing around the internet, this article will give a brief summary of multiple reviews from different Millennium owners. 

Taurus Millennium .380

Taurus Millennium Pro Chambered for .380 ACP

After reading through different reviews, the author of this article found that the overall opinion of different users is that the Taurus Millennium Pro is a good gun.  The experience of many people who have shot the gun is a positive one.  Many people find that these guns are a great value, because they offer a lot of performance and features at a very good price.  Most people also find these pistols to be very reliable.  Occasionally, you find a person that has experienced some misfeed issues.  The problem with misfeeding of ammunition can happen on any brand of semi-auto firearms.  Sometimes, it's just a simple matter of cleaning out the slide and action from the heavy grease that might have be used during assembly at the factory.  Sometimes problems can be caused by a dirty gun that has been shot a long time in between cleanings.  In both cases, a good thorough cleaning and proper application of a light gun lubricant to the action can resolve these issues.  In addition, it is not uncommon for a brand new semiautomatic pistol to have a break in period to help wear in the mating surfaces to one another.  Basically, what this means is that the more the gun is shot, the more the surfaces that rub against one another get polished.  As with most semi-automatic pistols, as more ammunition is run through the gun, then the smoother the action usually becomes.  This often minimizes feeding issues as well.  Another big factor is that guns can be ammunition sensitive.  Different bullet designs can be more likely to misfeed or jam.  This is especially true of self defense hollowpoint ammo, because the shape of the bullet will often make it more prone to hanging up or getting stuck.  Switching to a different type of ammunition will often help resolve this issue.  In addition, after a gun has been fired enough and broken in, sometimes these issues will also be resolved because internal surfaces where the bullets slide will be more polished.  As a side note, it's a good idea to break in a new semi-auto pistol using Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition.  FMJ ammo is less likely to jam and will help polish the feed ramp and can assist in quicker break in of a new gun.  Not to mention that FMJ ammo is usually much less expensive, so it is a good choice for general shooting anyway.  Then keep your gun loaded with your self defensive ammunition of choice.  Just be sure to also shoot plenty of your preferred self defense ammunition to make absolutely certain that it feeds flawless through your gun.  All this discussion about misfeeding applies to ANY semiautomatic gun, and this is not just about Taurus guns.  Don't forget that Taurus also offers a Lifetime Repair Policy that covers the gun against any potential problems!  With all that being said, keep in mind that the large majority of Taurus Millennium Pro reviews do NOT list any problems with misfeeds.  Most are very happy with the performance and reliability of their gun.   

Taurus Millennium Pro 9mm Pistol

Specifications for the Taurus 111SSP 9mm Pistol

Caliber: 9mm

Capacity: 10+1

Barrell Length: 3.25"

Rifling Grooves: 6

Rifling Rate of Twist: 1:9.84

Safety: Firing Pin Block, Manual Safety, Trigger Block

Construction: Polymer & Steel

Width: 1.125"

Length: 6.125"

Height: 5.125"

Weight: 18.7 oz

Above you will see the specs on the 9mm model.  The Taurus Millennium Pro also comes in a variety of other calibers including: .32 ACP, .380 ACP, .40, & .45 ACP, so the Taurus Millennium Pro series gives the shooter a good choice of power and controllability.  For those looking for less buck and roar, the .32 offers a milder recoil along with it's milder power.  For those wanting more firepower, larger calibers like the .45 ACP give shooters many choices in powerful self defense loads available on the market.  Along with the additional power comes the additional recoil that may require more strength and experience in gun handling.  Keep in mind that some people would say that a .380 is the bare minimum to consider for self defense.  In some ways, it is true that the bigger the better (in terms of caliber and power); however, it is also true that you need to choose a caliber that you can control and shoot accurately.  Bigger is not better if you can't handle it.  Thankfully, there are many great choices in the Millennium series of pistols.  In conclusion, the Taurus Millennium Pro series of handguns is another great choice in the concealed carry and self defense gun market.  They are well worth considering if you want to try to get the best bang for your buck.