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Team Losi LST Monster Truck

The LST is another BIG competitor in the battle of the monster trucks!  LST stands for Losi Super Truck.  The Losi LST does have many "super size" specifications and offers the RC truck enthusiast many exciting and unique features.  A BIG BLOCK .26 engine coupled with a high flow header and tuned pipe help to generate the power needed to move this truck with authority.  Dual disc brakes help scrub off the speed.  All this is controlled by a high quality radio system rarely found on other RTR RC trucks.  The LST has to contend with other well established monster trucks such as the HPI Savage, Traxxas T-Maxx, and Associated Monster GT.  Losi has come out swinging in the battle of the RC monster trucks.  Check out some of the great features of this exciting RC truck below. 

Team Losi LST

Some of the Many Great Losi LST Monster Truck Features:

Ball bearings used throughout the Losi LST help reduce friction.
Big block .26 engine gives this big truck BIG power.
High performance aluminum header and tuned pipe.
Portable electric engine start system included for easier starting. 
Losi LST comes with 4 large, oversized aluminum shocks.
Strong two speed automatic gearbox with reverse.
Manual switch Hi/Lo range for a total of 4 forward speeds.
All metal gears inside the transmission and differentials.
3 Channel FM Radio lets you select from 30 different channels.
Twin steering servos with servo savers help direct the LST.
Large fuel tank for extended run/fun times.
Rugged long travel double wishbone suspension design.
Sealed radio box protects the receiver from dirt, moisture, and debris.
Dual disc brakes help scrub off the speed from the BIG Losi LST.

Chassis Layout LOSB0010

The Team Losi LST has proven itself to be a very powerful truck for it's size, and it's switchable high/low range transmission allows it to easily be switched between gear ratios to adapt for the environment where it is being driven.

More Specific Details on the Losi LST

WIDTH 18.5"
WEIGHT 13 lbs
TRAVEL 3.5" (chassis)
TIRE SIZE 7.0" X 4.20"
WHEEL SIZE 3.4" X 3.0"
TOP SPEED 40 mph range

UPGRADE: Team Losi has made some updates to LST and rebadged it as the LST2.  Now equipped with stronger CV driveshafts and axles to handle the additional power of the Mach 427 big block engine.  Large 20mm aluminum drive wheel hexes help prevent wheel strip out and keep the new dish wheels where they belong... attached to the LST2!  Updates and upgrades to the suspension and drivetrain help make the LST2 more rugged and reliable. 

UPDGRADED AGAIN:  Team Losi has made even more improvements to the LST truck and it is now rebadged as the Losi LST XXL.  The wheelbase has been extended to increase the stability and handling of this RC truck.  Equipped with a more powerful Losi 454 engine, the power is transferred through a 3 shoe aluminum clutch setup.  The Losi 454 engine is a .28 size engine that has 8 ports in the cylinder sleeve and turbo grooves in the polished crankshaft.  This big block engine is rated at over 3.5 HP by Losi.  The steel gears in the transmission and metal 4 gear differentials help transfer the power where it belongs... to the ground!  The newfound power and performance of the LST XXL now enables this big RC truck to reach speeds of up to 50 mph!  A new and improved 2.4GHz radio system helps keep this bigger, more powerful truck under control.   

The Team Losi LST, LST2, and now the LST XXL are fun trucks.  They offer unique features not found on many other RC trucks.  If you're looking for a BIG monster truck loaded with features, then this might be just the right truck for you!

Losi LST Upgrade Parts

As with all popular RC trucks, there is an increasing number of aftermarket Team Losi LST parts and hop ups available.  These accessories range from machined billet aluminum parts that replace factory plastic parts to a wide variety of aftermarket engines to replace the stock Mach .26 engine.  Other upgrades include aftermarket shocks, stronger gears, and a wide variety of upgrades to improve the performance and appearance of this great RC truck.  The Losi LST has not been around as long as some of the other RC monster trucks, so the list of upgrade parts available for this truck might not be as extensive as some other models.  Even so, there are still plenty of hop up parts that you should be able to find at your local hobby shop.  For access to even more choices, check out some of the many online hobby stores where you can find a greater selection of Losi LST parts.

Losi LST Parts & Hop Ups

Eye Candy - Billet Aluminum Team Losi LST Parts

The Losi LST is already a "Super Truck" as it comes right from the factory.  It is already equipped with many advanced features.  The Mach 26 engine is a powerful engine to be included in a RTR truck.  The manual switch HI/LO range transmission is a unique and innovative design.  The programmable JR radio is probably one of the best radio supplied with a RTR RC truck.  In short, the LST already has many great features!  For the people who want to customize and upgrade their trucks further, there are more Losi LST hop ups becoming available to help make it an even more Super Truck!

Losi LST Aluminum Clutch Shoes 

Heavy Duty Aluminum Clutch Shoes

UPDATE:  Since first released the LST, Losi has released newer versions of this great truck with further improvements.  More powerful engines and various stronger factory parts to handle the extra abuse the engines dish out.  The latest LST XXL now also comes with a really nice computerized 2.4GHz radio system installed from the factory.  One of the most exciting areas on the LST that they have upgraded is "under the hood" with bigger and more powerful engines.  The original Mach 26 engine was good, but then Losi came out with what they called the Losi 427 engine.  After that, there was the Losi 454 engine which is a high performance 8 port engine with a power rating of 3.5 HP.  Good news is that this newer engine can be bolted into earlier Losi LST trucks for a nice increase in performance.

Losi 454 

As Losi has improved the LST over time and that means that some of these newer parts can be used on earlier models of the LST as upgrades.  Aftermarket companies like Integy also produce large numbers of different hop up and upgrade parts for RC trucks.  Losi LST parts like billet aluminum piggy back shocks are available.  If you like the looks of aluminum on your truck, you can find numerous parts like: aluminum skid plates, shock towers, bumpers, hubs, and billet suspension arms.  You can even buy a full roll cage made for the LST.  Just keep in mind that billet aluminum parts can add weight to your truck.  In addition, aluminum parts can sometimes be damaged more easily, and they are also more expensive to replace in a serious wreck.  With that in mind, you can pick and choose which parts you want to upgrade to aluminum and which you want to leave as the stock composite plastic parts.  The possibilities are almost limitless as to how you can upgrade your truck with some great aftermarket Losi LST parts.