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Traxxas Bandit VXL 2408 Buggy

The Traxxas Bandit VXL 2408 puts wheelie popping performance in a lightweight, compact 1/10th scale buggy chassis.  Extreme top speeds and brutal acceleration are possible with the Traxxas Velineon brushless electric motor system.  How does a top speed of over 70 mph sound?!?!  INSANELY FAST!  It can be a reality with the optional gearing and the correct battery pack selection.  The optional 33T pinion gear mated to a 76 tooth spur gear along with the 8000+ maH 11.1V LiPo battery pack can make these extreme speeds possible.  Set up in this configuration, the extreme performance brushless Bandit is not for the beginner RC driver.  Thankfully, the Bandit VXL can be set up for lower speeds to give the operator time to build some experience.  Then, later it can be upgraded when you are ready to safely handle a 70 mph RC missile!  From it's humble beginnings and modest performance as an RC buggy when the Bandit was first released, the Traxxas Bandit has now been transformed into a ultra high performance RC land rocket thanks to the power of the Velineon brushless motor.  

Traxxas Bandit VXL 2408   

    Here are some features of the Traxxas Bandit VXL 2408:

Powerful & efficient Traxxas Velineon brushless motor system.

Torque control slipper clutch for traction control & driveline protection.

Efficient steel gear transmission with low friction ball bearings.

Heavy duty, re-designed driveshafts to handle the extra power.

Reliable composite plastic planetary gear differential.

Powerful digital high torque steering servo.

Tough and durable steel turnbuckles & captured rod ends.

Lightweight fiber reinforced composite plastic chassis.

Fully adjustable shocks with X-ring seals on pistons.

Traxxas Bandit VXL 2408 goes 70+ mph with optional gearing!

VXL Motor

Some features of the Velineon Brushless Motor:

High temp resistant neodymium rare earth permanent rotor magnets.

Finely balanced rotor spins on high speed ball bearings.

10 turn windings around silicon steel laminated stator.

Low maintenance design that can be rebuilt.

Blue anodized aluminum motor case helps dissipate heat.

Motor leads are low resistance 12ga copper wire to handle high amps.

Bandit VXL with body off

With the body off, you will notice that the chassis layout of the Traxxas Bandit VXL and Rustler VXL are very similar.  Both models share essentially the same drivetrain and chassis.  The same Magnum 272 transmission has been beefed up along with stronger driveshafts to handle the extreme brushless power of the Velineon 3500 motor.  The primary differences between the Bandit and Rustler are the different body styles and wheel/tire combinations.  The Rustler comes with a stadium truck style body and larger 2.8" wheels/tires, while the Bandit comes with a buggy style body and smaller 2.2" wheels/tires.  The Traxxas Bandit VXL can serve as on off-road rocket, or you can set it up with an optional set of on-road tires to transform the Bandit into a dragster for brutal acceleration and speed on the pavement.  It compact size and shape make it quite the sleeper, so you can put the smack down on your friend's RC buggies with the eye popping performance of the Bandit VXL buggy.  If you want an RC buggy with extreme electric power, then you might want to consider Traxxas Bandit VXL 2408 with brushless motor technology. 

UPDATE:  Because of some changes and improvements, Traxxas has changed the model number from 2408 to 2407.  The Traxxas Bandit VXL 2407 now comes with the new TQ 2.4GHz radio system and the updated, waterproof VXL-3S electronic speed control.