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Traxxas Revo Monster Truck

The Traxxas Revo is the most technologically advanced RTR monster truck ever produced!  The name REVO is appropriate because the advanced features will probably start another "revolution" in the RC Monster Truck world!  The first revolution occurred years ago when Traxxas first released the T-Maxx truck.  Traxxas has been working on the Revo behind the scenes for nearly 2 years.  Traxxas is known for their quality products like the legendary Traxxas T-Maxx which has been the best selling RC vehicle in history with over 1 million sold!  The Revo does not replace the popular T-Maxx, but it comes along side it as another vehicle in the Traxxas product line up.  The Revo truck comes with an impressive list of standard features that would be considered hop ups and upgrade parts on other trucks - and many of the innovative technologically advanced features are so unique that they could not even be purchased for another truck at any price!

Traxxas Revo Truck in Action 

This exciting new truck created quite a stir in the RC world (even before it was released)!  Initially, Traxxas put final release date in June 2004.  The release of the Traxxas Revo was delayed a little and it was actually released in July.  It looks like Traxxas has come out with another big hit!  Radio Control Car Action magazine has already selected the Revo as the Truck of the Year for 2004.  Look below for many more details on this innovative RC truck.

Traxxas Revo Monster Truck Features

Powerful TRX 2.5R engine propels the Revo to speeds of over 40mph.

Matched dyno tuned header and tuned pipe to maximize TRX 2.5R power.

Multi-chamber tuned pipe has unique oval cross section and is tuned for power.

The TRX 2.5R comes with a new machined billet aluminum cooling head.

A new adjustable super heavy duty slipper clutch is designed to handle the power.

Traxxas Revo engine flywheel is now accessible for optional starter boxes.

Cradle engine mount allows precise gear mesh adjustment with only 1 screw!

REVO TRX 2.5R gets fuel from an all new tank design that keeps weight lower.

New low profile fuel tank gives more consistent fuel delivery through entire tank.

Traxxas Revo has a new ultra compact and lightweight transmission design.

Lower rotating mass of transmission provides stronger acceleration.

Transmission has no internal clutch so power delivery is constant and smooth.

Revolutionary Optidrive microprocessor controlled shifting between F/R.

Revo Optidrive prevents shifting into Reverse until completely safe to do so.

Sealed limited slip differentials are silicone filled and put the power to the ground.

Big 18mm composite universal axles smoothly transfer power to the wheels.

Sealed drive axles with rubber boots to help keep the dirt out.

A large 40mm vented steel brake rotor helps tame the power of the TRX 2.5R.

Dual steering servos help keep the REVO moving in the right direction.

Radical new suspension design with inboard shocks actuated through pushrods.

Revo design uses rocker arms attached to shocks and pushrods.

Innovative computer designed rockers give progressive suspension action.

Progressive action soaks up small bumps & offers stiffer action for big hits.

Smooth acting pivot ball suspension is also sealed with rubber boots.

The innovative suspension allows up to 120mm (4.7 in) wheel travel!

High quality aluminum body shocks are threaded for easy preload adjustment.

Traxxas Revo has MORE wheel travel capability than any other monster truck.

On board electronics powered by a 1100mH NiMH battery pack (supplied).

REVO even comes with an AC/DC charger with peak charge detection!

Fast charge the battery pack at home or from your car in about 1 hour.

New high performance, low profile Talon tires.

Matched foam inserts give the Talon tires better grip and control.

New rims uses beadlock to keep tires securely mounted. 

A radical new formed 3mm 6061 aluminum chassis.

The deeply formed chassis is extremely rigid, strong, and lightweight.

Chassis positions components to help lower the center of gravity.

Big 4" ground clearance with stable center of gravity.

Revo Chassis Layout


LENGTH 19.125" (486mm)
FRONT TRACK 16.125" (414mm)
REAR TRACK 16.125" (414mm)
HEIGHT (OVERALL) 10.375" (264mm)
WHEELBASE 11.812" (300mm)
WHEEL DIAMETER 3.8" (97mm)
FRONT TIRES Talon  5.75" x 3.5"
REAR TIRES Talon  5.75" x 3.5"
SUSPENSION Fully independent sealed pivot ball
SHOCKS Traxxas Threaded Aluminum
TRANSMISSION Auto 2 speed Forward & Reverse
DIFFERENTIAL TYPE Bevel Gear, Sealed, Limited Slip
DRIVE SYSTEM Shaft Drive 4wd
CHASSIS TYPE 3mm 6061 T6 Aluminum
RADIO SYSTEM Traxxas TQ-3 (3 Channel)
BRAKE TYPE Steel Disc, Semi-Metallic Pads
TOP SPEED 40+mph


The Updated and More Powerful Traxxas Revo 3.3

Traxxas has re-designed the exciting Revo truck and made it even better!  At the heart of the updated Revo 3.3 truck is the new TRX 3.3 racing engine.  At 3.3cc (.20, this new engine cranks out 60% more peak power, and has nearly 50% more overall punch under the power curve compared to the 2.5 engine.  That's a significant increase!  A new radio system and other tweaks help make this RC truck even more impressive and fun to drive!    

TRX 3.3 Racing Engine

The new Traxxas Revo is packed with all the great features of the original truck and MORE (see the new features highlighted below):

Powerful new TRX 3.3 engine propels the Revo to speeds of 45+mph!

Updated, stronger engine mount secures the new 3.3 engine in place.

Revo 3.3 has wide ratio 2 speed transmission to utilize the extra power better.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 now equipped with tighter P2 suspension rockers.

Revo 3.3 has a 30mm longer chassis to help control the extra power.

Optional center differential and rear brake kit available for racers.

New TQ 2.4Ghz radio system for increased control and adjustability.