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The 100 MPH Traxxas XO-1 Pushes the Limits of RC Car Performance

Traxxas has done it again!  The expert design team at Traxxas has smashed all the previous notions of RC car performance with the introduction of the Traxxas XO-1 rc supercar.  Equipped with an extreme brushless motor system fed by high capacity LiPo battery packs and coupled with a sophisticated radio system, the XO-1 puts 100 mph within reach right out of the box.  This is not your ordinary RC car!  The extreme performance capability of the Traxxas XO-1 is truly for EXPERTS ONLY.  The XO comes from the factory with a milder state of tune and top speed of 50 mph to allow the driver to become accustomed with this radical RC supercar.  Then, when the driver is ready to unleash the full performance potential of the XO-1, the included optional parts can be installed and the Traxxas Link system used to unlock the tuning that allows to Traxxas XO-1 to reach blistering speeds of OVER 100 mph.  We're not talking about wishful thinking 100 mph, downhill, with a tailwind, and after a looooong time getting up to speed.  We are talking about insane acceleration that allows 0-100 mph in 4.9 seconds!  0-60 mph comes flashing by in only 2.3 seconds as the Traxxas XO-1 blazes its way to triple digit speeds.  To give you a little comparison of how incredible the acceleration of the XO really is, you would have to pay over $400,000 for a 661 HP Lamborghini Murcielago Superveloce with 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds.  Or if you are more interested in American horsepower, a late model Dodge Viper with its massive 8.4L V-10 engine thumps out 600 HP and can do 0-60 mph in a little under 4 seconds with a price tag of around $90,000.  The Traxxas XO-1's blistering supercar performance can be had for around $700. 

Traxxas XO-1

Let's take a look at what's under the hood of the amazing XO-1.  At the heart of it all is an extreme brushless motor system designed by Castle Creations.  The Mamba Monster Extreme big block 1717 motor cranks out serious power and torque.  The finned heat sink motor case is kept cool by a NACA duct on the underside of the chassis that forces cooling air up from underneath the XO and over the motor case to help keep temperatures under control.  Dual 5000 mah 11.1V 3 cell LiPo battery packs feed this power hungry monster motor!  The power is transferred through large 12 gauge wires and low resistance gold plated electrical connectors.  The lithium battery packs come with JST/XH balance plugs to ensure that each of the cells in the LiPo packs are properly charged and balanced for maximum performance and battery life.  The power from the battery packs is managed by a high efficiency speed control with forced fan cooled heat sink to help keep the electronics cooler for maximum performance and reliability. 

XO-1 Chassis Layout

With this much power on tap, all wheel drive is utilized to put the power to the ground effectively.  Ball bearings are used throughout to ensure reduced friction while providing increased performance and durability.  From the motor, the power is transmitted from a strong steel pinion gear to a heavy duty spur gear with internal shock absorbing system.  The spur gear assembly has internal rubber dampers that helps to reduce shock loading of the drivetrain while eliminating the slippage and power loss of a conventional slipper clutch found on some RC cars.  The Mamba motor is held secure with an 8mm thick billet aluminum motor mount which allows precise gear mesh adjustment between the pinion and spur gears.  A strong extruded aluminum center driveshaft sends power to the front and rear differentials which are equipped with reinforced steel gears.  The oil filled differentials can be easily tuned with different viscosity oils.  From the differentials, power is directed to each wheel through efficient and strong steel splined axles with dual CV joints.  Large 17mm hex hubs provide a secure lockup with the wheels which are wrapped with 100+ mph rated belted tires with urethane inserts.


Putting all this power to the ground effectively requires more than just a heavy duty drivetrain.  The Traxxas XO-1 suspension has precision shocks with hard anodized, Teflon coated cylinders and Titanium Nitride coated shock shafts.  X-ring seals not only help provide positive sealing in of shock oil, but they also provide less drag on the shock shafts.  This results in a more responsive suspension that is better able to quickly react to road surface irregularities.  Critical suspension components such as c-hubs, steering blocks, rear axle carriers, and shock towers are machined from high strength 6061 billet aluminum.  The backbone on which all this secures is a set of stacked 3mm 6061 aluminum chassis plates.  The lower chassis plate also acts as a heat sink to help dissipate the heat produced by the high power brushless motor system.  To give you an idea of the size of this 1/7th scale model, the XO-1 is 27 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, 5 inches tall, with an overall weight of 10.3 lbs with the batteries installed.  

TQi 2.4 Ghz Radio System

All this power and performance would be no good without the ability to keep it under control.  Traxxas equips the XO-1 with its high quality TQi 2.4 Ghz radio system.  A docking base is included which allows your iPhone or iPod Touch to become a digital dashboard and performance tuning system.  Along with your iPhone or iPod Touch (not included), you will have access to a wealth of information and tuning capability through the Traxxas Link system.  Variables such as throttle and steering sensitivity, braking strength, and throttle trim can be tuned via Traxxas Link.  In addition, a visual display of critical system parameters such as voltage, temperature, motor RPM, and vehicle speed can be quickly accessed from the digital dashboard on your iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Traxxas Link via Apple iPhone

You will also be able to create, edit, and save drive profiles for up to 30 different Traxxas models with the advanced TQi radio transmitter.  On the vehicle side, both the radio receiver and the high torque steering servo are housed in a waterproof enclosure.  The heavy duty steering servo with ball bearing puts out 125 in-oz of torque to provide authoritative steering control of this Traxxas land rocket.  The list of features and innovation on the Traxxas XO-1 goes on and on.  The Traxxas XO-1 could very well be one of the most exciting RC cars ever to come out of a production RC manufacturing company.  This is nothing new for Traxxas.  They have been pushing the limits of radio control design and technology for many years.  The XO-1 is just one more in a long list of groundbreaking RC cars and trucks that have come out of the innovative Traxxas company over the years.  Who else would give you a 100+ mph capable RC Supercar right out of the box!