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Where can I get parts for this thing?

The simplest answer is that you should try to get your Twister Hammerhead parts from the specific dealer where you bought your kart.  TJ Powersports has a company policy to only sell through it's dealer network.  As a result, if you call up TJ asking to order parts directly, they will probably refuse and refer you back to a dealer.  This policy is not a bad thing (as long as your dealer is still around), because it protects the dealers and helps ensure long term support.  If a distributor undercuts it's own dealers, then eventually dealers will disappear and that can leave the customer hanging out there with no direct hands-on support.  So, it's probably for the best that TJ has structured their business this way.  If your specific dealer can not help you, then perhaps you should contact TJ Powersports directly to see if there is another dealer in your area that can help you.  If not, then they still might be able to refer you to a dealer in a different area that can ship whatever Twister Hammerhead parts you might need.  Thankfully, this particular brand of off road go karts is well made, and they usually do not have very many problems if driven sanely and maintained properly.          

Hammerhead 250cc Parts 

The author of this article actually owns a Twister Hammerhead 150 buggy similar to the red one in the picture below.  Overall, I have been quite pleased with the build quality and design of this machine.  Early on, the exhaust system rattled apart but this was covered under warranty.  The new muffler also had a tendency to want to vibrate apart, so after trying Loctite on the studs that kept the muffler together, I finally just got a motorcycle muffler off eBay and welded up a different exhaust.  This new exhaust was also quieter and seemed to perform well on my Twister.  After that time, I heard that the stock Twister Hammerhead exhaust was improved and the stock muffler was better at holding together.  An aftermarket CDI was added to my Twister to increase top end speed and power a little.

Twister 150cc Parts

Some of the other Twister Hammerhead parts that I replaced or upgraded included some in the CVT system (which is a belt drive transmission like you would find on a snowmobile).  I upgraded the front clutch with different rollers and installed an entirely new pulley which had different ramps machined in it for the rollers.  I also changed out the spring in the rear driven pulley.  All this recalibrated the transmission to shift differently and essentially it kept the transmission in a higher ratio (which is like being in a lower gear).  This improved the acceleration and hill climbing ability of my Twister kart.  To further improve the climbing ability of my particular Twister Hammerhead kart, I also swapped out the gears in the transmission for those of an earlier model year that had a lower gear ratio.  A UNI air filter was added along with a Outerwears pre-filter to help free up the intake.  The factory cold start solenoid on the carburetor was removed and a manual fuel primer was installed.  The cylinder head was shaved a little to increase compression, but this did not boost performance as much as expected.  With some minor modifications, it is impressive what these little buggies can do. 

In terms of other parts that I've needed to replace because of wear and tear, some of the front suspension arm bushings wore out after MANY hours of hard riding.  I probably should have greased these bushings more often to avoid this.  Hey, at least TJ Powersports installed grease fittings on these suspension joints.  In any case, the bushings were easy enough to change.  Some of the rubber dust boots on the suspension system have cracked over the years.  In any case, if you need to find stock Twister Hammerhead parts, then try to find a dealer (local or on the internet) that can sell you the OEM parts.  For performance Twister Hammerhead parts, look for an MRP dealer online.  MRP distributes a large selection of performance parts that can work on the GY6 style 150cc engine and also on the CN250 engine which is found on the larger Twister Hammerhead 250cc karts.  The video below shows a Twister Hammerhead 250SS with some of the MRP performance parts like the exhaust, CDI, coil, intake, and a carb jet kit.  Impressive!