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Electric Scooters That You Ride Standing Up

When the phrase "two wheel stand up electric scooter" is used, it can mean different things to different people.  One of the possibilities is something like the Segway personal scooter.  This sophisticated transporter uses high tech electronic controls along with high quality motors and battery packs that provide a unique, alternative means of transportation.  Redundant gyroscopic based control systems help ensure safety.  These two wheel electric scooters are designed to be self balancing.  If the rider leans forward, then the lightning quick electronic controls apply power to the wheels in such a way as to do what is necessary to keep the scooter upright.  Multiple layers of redundant controls are designed to keep this transporter working safely even if one part of the system fails.  Because of the complexity and advanced technology involved, these machines are quite expensive.

Two Wheel Stand Up Electric Scooter

Click here for more info about the Segway two wheel stand up electric scooter.

As was mentioned, the Segway stand up electric scooters are expensive, and so you might notice that there are other two wheel stand up electric scooters with much lower prices.  Sometimes the pictures of these Chinese stand up scooters will be taken at an angle that makes it look like they are also 2 wheel self balancing designs.  They are NOT!  As you can see in the picture below, these scooters usually have 1 or 2 small caster wheels set back underneath to maintain balance.

Chinese Stand Up Scooter

Basically, these cheap Chinese stand up scooters are a set of motors (one at each front wheel), a battery pack, and a very simple control system.  There is no sophisticated computerized control system.  If you are on an uneven surface or if lean too much, then you can tip over with these simple devices.  These types of Chinese stand up scooters will only work on very smooth and flat areas.  These are not able to go places like the sophisticated Segway can go.  You won't be climbing stairs, venturing off road, or doing any of the amazing things that a Segway is capable of doing.  The point of all this is to emphasize the fact that the stand up electric scooters are not all the same.  Just make sure you understand what you are buying, have realistic expectations, and remember that there is truth in the old saying, "You get what you pay for.  Below you can watch a short video clip showing an example of one type of Chinese stand up electric scooter.

Another possibility is more on the recreational side with the Razor series of electric scooters.  These electric scooters are usually geared more towards younger people.  Powered by sealed lead acid batteries that supply the juice to the electric motor (usually 350W max), these type of scooters can move along at speeds of up to 15mph.  These scooters are usually quite economical.

2 Wheel Electric Scooter

Click here for more info on the Razor electric scooters.

Razor makes both the two wheel stand up electric scooter style as you see in the picture above, but they also make sit down electric scooters.  Typically, these Razor scooters are a good value.  Overall, they are well made and offers some nice features for the money.  Again, you can't compare this type of two wheel stand up electric scooter to something like a Segway.  They are very different, but that doesn't mean that something like a Razor is a bad choice.  It might be the best choice depending on your cost constraints, the intended rider, and the way it will be used.