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Considerations when looking for a used Kubota

Kubota manufactures outstanding tractors and it is possible to save some money by shopping for good, used Kubota tractors.  While searching, just use some of the same basic principles you would use with the purchase of just about any other motorized vehicle.  Carefully inspect the tractor and verify that the engine and transmission functions properly.  Visually inspect the machine for obvious leaks or other problems.  Since they are made so well and have a good reputation for high quality, it is even possible to find relatively old machines that have a lot of life left in them.  A lot of the condition will depend on how the previous owner took care of it.  If they did regular maintenance like oil and filter changes (both engine and hydraulic), greased key areas, and kept the tractor under cover when not in use, then it is possible for an older, used Kubota tractor to still be in very nice condition. 

In addition to the typical things to look out for while looking at used tractors, there is another unique issue that requires special attention with a Kubota.  That important issue is what is referred to as "gray market" tractors.  Used Kubota tractors originally manufactured for use in Japan have been imported into the US for resale.  These machines were never intended to be sold in the US and often do not meet US safety requirements.  Kubota officially says that it will NOT support any gray market tractors.  In fact, there is a court order that now makes it illegal to import these tractors under 50 PTO HP from Japan into the US for resale.  Unfortunately, there are already machines like this in the US.

Used Kubota M4900 

What this means is that anyone looking at a used Kubota needs to pay special attention to details that might tip the buyer off that a particular tractor is in fact a gray market machine.  Failure to notice this could result in owning a tractor that is not supported with parts or service by Kubota USA!  This would not be a pleasant situation when parts or service are needed in the future.  There are some obvious signs to look out for when inspecting used Kubota tractors.

  • Inspect all tractor warning labels and look to see if they are written in all Japanese.   Also, check to see if other identification labels (like serial tag) are written in Japanese.

  • Check to see if the tractor is equipped with safety features like seat belts, ROPS, or a PTO shield which is required on US spec tractors. 

  • Look to see if safety decals are missing altogether. 

  • Check tire sidewalls to see if the writing is in Japanese. 

  • Check if owner's manual may have a different model number than what is on tractor.  Make sure model numbers on manual and tractor match.

These are signs that a used Kubota tractor could be Japanese spec and unsupported in the US.  If you run across one of these, then it is probably best to steer far clear of it!  It might be priced attractively, but no parts or service support from Kubota would NOT be a good deal long term!

Used Kubota Tractor with Front Loader & Scraper Box

Used Kubota machines can be found for sale from individuals, used equipment dealers, and even Kubota dealers may have used machines that were traded in on a different model.  It is also possible to find them for sale online on eBay.  Just be careful about scams.  If the deal seems to good to be true, then it very likely might be!  It is probably best not to buy something as expensive as a tractor unless you can inspect it firsthand, or at least have a reputable mechanic inspect if for you before buying.  Also be sure to double check the cost of a comparable new Kubota tractor to make sure the savings are as good as they should be.  Keep in mind that even when you buy a brand new tractor, it will soon be considered "used" the moment you first put it to use!  So, don't rule out looking at good used Kubota tractors that can offer you a great value for your money.