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Parts for Vintage Scorpion Snowmobiles

Some younger people may have never heard of the Scorpion snowmobile, but many people still do remember the legendary machines that helped put Minnesota on the map.  At the time, Vice President Humphrey declared the Minnesota Central Lakes area to be the: "Official Snowmobile Capital of the World" - thanks to the Scorpion snowmobile company.  Over 30 years have past since the last Scorpion snowmobile rolled off the production line, but the demand for vintage Scorpion snowmobile parts proves that this legend is still alive in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts everywhere.  

Vintage Scorpion Snowmobile

Beautifully Restored Vintage Scorpion Snowmobile

From it's humble beginnings in the 1960's, the Scorpion snowmobile company grew into a world renown snowmobile manufacturer - becoming the 2nd largest snowmobile producer in the US.  This is quite remarkable when you consider that the business was born out of a company that began in a cramped garage with the hard work, determination, and perseverance of a few men who had a strong desire to succeed.  Truly, the success of the Scorpion snowmobile company is a testimony to kind of hard work that have helped make the American Dream a reality.  Perhaps this is in part why there is still a demand for vintage scorpion snowmobile parts.  Not to mention the fact that these sleds were among the very best made snowmobiles of their time.

Decades later, these great snowmobiles continue to be ridden, restored, and enjoyed by people who have not forgotten the legendary Scorpion snowmobile company.  As with any discontinued product, as time passes on it can become more difficult to find parts for repair and restoration.  Thankfully, it is still possible to find vintage scorpion snowmobile parts.  Even though these great snowmobiles existed long before the internet ever became popular, today the Web is probably one of the best places to search for vintage snowmobile parts.  Online auctions such as eBay provide a continual source and a good potential for finding used and NOS vintage parts.  Persistent searching on eBay can yield some rare finds for the one who consistently checks for new auction listings.  Another way to find vintage parts is just by word of mouth.  Sometimes an old Scorpion snowmobile might be sitting for decades undiscovered in a barn... a hidden treasure to the enthusiast.  Depending on their condition, such vintage snowmobiles can be used for restoration or as a source of parts to breathe new life into another project.  Online groups of enthusiasts can be a source of parts too, as like minded people help each other restore these vintage snowmobiles.  In addition, there are also some snowmobile companies that can still provide some vintage Scorpion snowmobile parts.  Wherever you search, persistence and hard work will often pay off and yield the parts needed to help keep these vintage snowmobiles alive for future generations to enjoy.  These legendary snowmobiles live on!