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A Gun Rack made from Wood can be an Attractive Way to Display Guns

These days, with so many things being made out of plastic, a more traditional wooden gun rack can be a nice way to store and display an assortment of different rifles and shotguns.  Sure, a plastic rack might be cheaper and equally functional, but there is something about a wood gun rack that adds style, and it can be a more attractive way to display guns.  A wooden gun rack may be made out of a variety of different types of wood including: oak, pine, mahogany, ash, cherry, walnut, or mesquite.  Do you know why so many things today are made out of plastic?  It's because plastic is cheaper than natural materials like wood.  Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean that it's better.  Usually, it means that the companies can make their products cheaper, and then pocket the increased profit margins while they sell it to you with all the so called benefits of their high tech plastic.  You see the same trend in the gun manufacturing world.  More and more guns are being offered with plastic stocks or plastic ("polymer" as they call them) frames in the case of handguns.  Give me a rifle with a wooden stock any day over a cheap plastic stock.  I'll gladly have a heavier metal frame handgun any day, rather than some polymer framed pistol.  Just because the word "polymer" sounds fancy, doesn't change the fact that it's still just plastic.  Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that plastic is more durable or better than wood.  Properly finished, wood can be extremely durable and last much longer than plastic ever could.  

Wood Gun Rack

Now, getting back to the topic of wood gun racks.  There are standard, off the shelf gun racks available, or you can have custom wood gun racks made according to your specifications.  Naturally, a custom made wooden gun rack will be much more expensive than a standard off the shelf model.  If you are handy with woodworking and have the right tools and equipment, then you can also make your own.  It is also possible to find woodworking plans that you can following in building your own wood gun rack.  The basic design is not very complicated and can be made relatively easily by someone with the right tools and skills.  If you are looking to purchase a pre-made wooden gun rack, then there are some different choices available.  One place to look is on eBay where you can find people selling their own gun racks.  If you find one being sold by a good woodworking craftsman, then you can find a really nice wooden gun rack this way.  In addition, you can find simpler and less expensive wood gun racks on eBay.  Some companies that produce wooden gun racks include San Angelo and Rush Creek.  You can find San Angelo gun racks online at different places like Amazon, Midway USA, and elsewhere.  San Angelo racks can also be found at different sporting goods stores.  Places like Cabelas carries the Rush Creek series of gun racks.  If you have a Cabelas nearby, then you can pick one up at your local store.  If you don't have a store nearby, then you can still order online from Cabelas and just pay for shipping.  Another source for finding these gun racks online is a company named Scout Products located in Missouri.  They offer some different wood gun racks that can be purchased in kit form and assembled by you.  They also sell some nice preassembled gun racks.  Scout Products makes some beautiful gun racks from walnut, oak, and fruitwood.  The Scout kits should be cheaper to ship because of the smaller box size, and you can also save some on the labor costs associated with the assembly.  Whatever you choose, a wooden gun rack can add a decorative touch to your home or cabin, while at the same time being a convenient and practical way to store you guns.