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Yamaha Snowmobile Overview

The first entry in the long line of Yamaha snowmobiles was the SL350 released back in 1968.  A lot has changed since then, but Yamaha is still a huge player in the snowmobile world offering many different models.  The different categories of models include: ROUGH TRAIL, TRAIL PERFORMANCE, SPORT, MOUNTAIN PERFORMANCE, LUXURY TOURING, and MULTI-PURPOSE.  You will find more descriptions of each category below. 


The Yamaha Rough Trail snow machines are designed to handle snow conditions that are more bumpy and less groomed.  Front and rear suspension are designed and tuned to soak up the rough terrain.  This type of machine should also give a smoother landing for situations where a snowmobile gets airborne!

The models in this category include the Yamaha Apex RTX and the Attak which are powered by the 150 HP 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine!  Also in this category are the Yamaha Nytro and RS Rage models which are powered by an impressive 120 HP 3 cylinder 4 stroke engine.  Both engines produce LOTS of power!

Yamaha Apex RTX

Yamaha Rough Trail Series



Yamaha machines in the Trail Performance category are designed for general purpose trail riding and exploration.  Models include the Yamaha Apex GT and ER which are propelled by the powerful 150 HP 4 stroke 4 cylinder engine.  Other models include the Yamaha RS Vector, RS Vector ER (with reverse), and RS Vector GT (with premium suspension).  The RS Vector models are powered by the 120HP Yamaha triple 4 stroke engine. 

Yamaha Apex GT

Yamaha Trail Performance Series



The Sport category offers good all around performance at a lower price than some of it's 4 stroke sibling models.  The Sport models include the Yamaha SX Venom and SX Venom ER (with electric start and reverse).  Both are powered by a 100 HP 2 stroke triple cylinder 600 cc engine. 

Yamaha SX Venom

Yamaha Sport Series



The next category of machines is the Mountain Performance models which includes the Apex Mountain which is powered by the mighty 150 HP 4 stroke 4 cylinder engine.  Other models include the RS Vector Mountain and the RS Vector Mountain SE powered by the 120 HP triple cylinder 4 stroke engine.  Finally, there is the Yamaha SXViper snowmobile powered by a mighty 120 HP triple cylinder 700 cc 2 stroke engine.  All of the Mountain Performance models are equipped with tracks designed to better handle deeper snow conditions.

Yamaha RS Vector Mountain

Yamaha Mountain Performance Series



Next on the list is the Luxury Touring category which offers more creature comforts for 1 up or 2 up touring.  These models include the Yamaha RS Venture powered by the 120 HP triple 4 stroke engine, and the Venture 600 powered by the 100 HP triple 2 stroke engine.  Both models are designed to offer comfortable, luxurious rides for 1 or 2 people.

Yamaha RS Venture

Yamaha Luxury Touring Series



Finally, the Yamaha VK Professional snowmobile falls into the Multi-Purpose category and is designed to be a good all around workhorse.  Powered by the 120 HP triple 4 stroke engine, the VK  Professional comes equipped with a wide track, under seat storage, and other features designed to allow the machine to carry heavy loads for long distances while offering a comfortable ride.

Yamaha VK Professional Snowmobile

Yamaha Multi-Purpose Snowmobile

From their humble beginnings back in 1968 with the first SL350 model, Yamaha has come a long way over the past 30+ years!  Offering powerful 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, along with a wide variety of quality features that make a Yamaha snowmobile a very attractive choice for many winter enthusiasts.  For over 10 years, Yamaha has been pioneering and advancing the use of 4 cycle engines in snowmobiles.  The power to weight ratio on some of these sleds is impressive.  It's like driving a superbike on snow!  In fact, there's no doubt that Yamaha has been relying heavily on it's 4 stroke design expertise that it gained from developing Yamaha's sport motorcycles.  Yamaha snowmobiles are packed with features and performance along with Yamaha excellent reputation for making a quality machine.  With so much to offer, it's no wonder that these high quality, high performance Yamaha snowmobiles are so popular!