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60% More Peak Power than a TRX 2.5 Engine!

The new Traxxas TRX 3.3 engine makes some big improvements in power over the older 2.5 nitro engine.  With a larger 3.3cc (.20 displacement, this high output engine cranks out 60% more peak power and boasts nearly 50% more power under the entire Power vs RPM curve!  This engine can approach speeds of nearly 50,000 RPM.  For those unfamiliar with engines, that is insanely fast!  For comparisons sake, a high performance street car engine might rev up to a redline of 7,000 RPM.  The stratospheric RPM limit of the Traxxas TRX 3.3 really makes this engine SCREAM!  Let's just say that you don't want to be running your RC vehicle with one of these engines early in the morning while the neighbors are still asleep.  They'll wake up to the loud noise of what might sound like a hyperactive over-revving chainsaw gone bezerk!  If you are unfamiliar with the sound, when you first hear a nitro engine revving up, your mind might be puzzled with the source of the sound that you are hearing.  Once you realize that it is the sound of a real engine, then your mind will be boggled as the frequency of the noise continues to increase and increase with the RPM of the engine.  Just when you think that the engine could not possibly rev any higher, your mind will be overwhelmed as it continues to rev higher and higher... 20,000 RPM... 30,000 RPM.... even 40,000 RPM and higher!   If you are familiar with other engines, then your mind may be expecting for the engine to self destruct.  How can any engine survive such high RPM and still survive!  Good question!  The sound of a high revving nitro engine is very unique indeed.  The Traxxas TRX 3.3 is one of the highest revving nitro engines.

TRX Engine Comparison

Power Curve Comparison of the TRX 2.5 and TRX 3.3

For those unfamiliar with the way a nitro engine works, it is an internal combustion engine that works on the 2 cycle principle; however, it is a little different than the way a typical 2 cycle gasoline engine works.  One difference is that instead of gasoline fuel, the nitro engine runs on a mixture of methanol and nitromethane.  In addition, instead of using a spark plug to ignite the air/fuel mixture (like on a gasoline engine), the nitro engine uses a glow plug which has a coil of platinum wire that is used for ignition.  When the nitro engine is first started, the glow plug must be energized with an electric current.  This causes the glow plug to glow and ignites the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder.  Once the engine starts running, the glow plug can be disconnected from the electrical power source.  With the heat of combustion, the platinum wire acts as a catalyst that reacts with the methanol vapor in the cylinder to keep the glow plug wire glowing.  This allows the engine to continue running as long as there is fuel.  Eventually, the platinum wire will burn out or break, and then the glow plug will need to be changed.  That's a little background on how nitro engines operate.

Now, back to some more specifics on the Traxxas TRX 3.3 nitro engine.  The TRX 3.3 is known to be both powerful and reliable.  Not only that, but it's also easy to operate compared to other nitro engines.  The EZ-Start system is composed of an electric starter motor mounted on the TRX 3.3 engine itself.  A handheld module that contains a battery pack is plugged into the vehicle, and when the button is pushed electricity flows to both the electric starter motor and the glow plug.  This makes starting the TRX 3.3 engine much more convenient.  On older style nitro engines, the user would need to attach a glow plug starter to power up the glow plug, and then operate a finicky pull start that could easily break if pulled too hard.  On some model engines, there was an improvement with a separate starter module that consisted of a battery pack and electric motor all combined in a handheld unit.  A long shaft extended out of this handheld starting module.  The shaft then be plugged into the engine and would spin it during starting.  This was a step up in convenience over the more troublesome pull start engines, but you still needed to mess around with a separate glow plug starter.  So, the Traxxas TRX 3.3 with EZ-Start combines all these steps and makes engine starting as convenient as possible.   

Traxxas TRX 3.3 Engine

Here's a summary of features on the Traxxas TRX 3.3 engine:

Massive horsepower from a RTR small block nitro engine.

Almost +50% increase in HP under the power curve.

Boasts +60% peak HP than the older TRX 2.5 engine.

Engine design has high flow rear exhaust port.

Tubular header for high exhaust flow to the tuned pipe.

Exhaust gasket on engine helps eliminate exhaust leaks. 

Composite slide carb helps insulate incoming air/fuel from heat.

EZ-Start electric starting system makes starting the TRX 3.3 easier.

TRX Integrated Pilot Shaft (one piece) crankshaft.

High RPM knife edge connecting rod slices through the air easier.

Big machined aluminum cooling head helps keep temps down.

Plastic molded protector helps protect the cooling head from damage.

High flow air filter offers good protection and high performance.

Lightweight piston and rod help the TRX 3.3 rev up to insane RPM's.

High RPM square reciprocal geometry with equal bore and stroke.

High performance, dual ball bearing supported crankshaft.

Easy upgrade!  The TRX 3.3 will bolt in wherever the TRX 2.5 fits.

Engine Flow PathNitro Engine Precision Ball BearingsComposite Slide CarbTRX 3.3 versus TRX 2.5 Piston and Sleeve

Any engine that can spin up to speeds approaching 50,000 RPM is an engineering marvel!  Combine that with the convenience of push button starting, impressive performance, great reliability, and the outstanding customer service of Traxxas... when you add it all together, you get a real winner!  The Traxxas TRX 3.3 is a great little engine.